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How long does probate take?

That’s often the first question people have about the probate process. Well, in some cases, those without major complications, the probate process can conclude as soon as nine months from filing. If there are challenges or complications, which is common, then the process may last a year or more.

Working with T.S. Wrobel Law Group, you’ll have us on your side to maneuver through any challenges and complications for the best possible efficiency and positive effect.

A Lawyer Helps the Probate Process Move Forward Calmly

Probate includes many steps – beginning with the executor filing a petition for probate along with the will. Filing of other forms may also be needed, in addition to formal notice being given to each and every interested party. The will can only be validated by the court after interested parties are given the opportunity to present their interest or claim. Court calendars are usually booked out; hence probate hearings frequently start three to five weeks after filing of the petition.

After a hearing concludes that the documents are in order, further duties arise for the personal representative, which include:

  • Letters of administration or letters of testamentary are issued in appointment of an executor.
  • The executor, or personal representative, collects and accounts for the estate’s assets.
  • The personal representative accounts for the decedent’s bills and any benefits (such as life insurance or retirement plans).
  • The personal representative obtains a taxpayer ID number (Employer Identification Number) for the estate and opens a clearly named bank account for the estate.
  • The notice of petition for probate must be published in a newspaper approved by the court.
  • Creditors must be notified of the death.
  • Notice may also need to be given to some government entities.

No two probate cases are alike, and no one set of guidance can address them all. A knowledgeable probate attorney can be your “best friend,” being your advocate, standing by your side and counseling you at each step. 

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