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Out-of-State Issues Affecting California Probate

Probate is rarely a pleasant process. Responsible parties must manage the interests of potential heirs and beneficiaries, understand the role of the executor or administrator, and much more. When  family resides out-of-state, or for those whose loved one passed while outside California yet owned property and assets in the state, the probate process is more complicated.

Out-of-State Probate Issues Made Clear by a Probate Attorney

T.S. Wrobel Law Group simplifies the whole process with a personal, hands-on ethic. We work directly with you and your family to answer questions about out-of-state probate matters, including these scenarios as applicable:

  • The decedent resided outside California and owned property inside the state –  We will explain the challenges resulting when a loved one held property in California, but lived outside the state. This is called “ancillary probate,” and we will explain what complications it may cause in your situation.
  • You live outside California and are named the executor or administrator – We will explain the role of the personal representative and any challenges your residence outside California may cause. We will also help you navigate the whole probate process.
  • The decedent wrote a will outside California or in a foreign country Specific elements defined in California Probate Code §6113 establish the validity of an out-of-state or foreign will in California. We will explain how that code applies to your role.

An Experienced Probate Lawyer at T.S. Wrobel Law Group Can Answer Your Questions

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