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Issues in California Probate: Missing Wills and Resolution of Other Matters

People frequently draft a last will and testament to avoid probate problems for their surviving family.

Locating the will quickly can dramatically simplify matters. Some wills include specific instructions for burial versus cremation, for example, and other time-sensitive issues. If the will is difficult to locate, we are available to guide you through options, such as looking in unusual places. Other issues may delay proceedings as well. Call us for an initial consultation to simplify your situation.

Where Is the Missing Will?

A first place to search for a missing will is with the decedent’s closest family and friends. You may also contact the decedent’s attorney, employer or business associates, as well as banks (for safety deposit boxes) in which the deceased had an account. Who would the deceased trust to act as witnesses to the will? They may have a copy or know where the deceased put it for safekeeping.

For a safety deposit box, the California Probate Code includes specific rules blocking entry to the deceased’s box. Being your lawyer, we can help you access safety deposit boxes in search of the will, locate an out-of-state or foreign will, establish that a will is destroyed or lost, as well as resolve any intestacy proceedings. Further exploration of such proceedings in probate can be found in the articles archive. Those articles explain many issues in probate and can help you ask the right questions when contacting T.S. Wrobel & Associates for an initial consultation.

If the Will Is Missing, Contact T.S. Wrobel Law Group Immediately

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