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The California Probate Process


The death of a loved one can be a difficult time for surviving family and friends. While working through grief emotionally, responsible parties must also handle the legal transfer or inheritance of assets and liabilities.

Rather than going into probate blindly, strongly consider contacting a lawyer to increase your likelihood of beneficial outcome – Having someone on your side who knows the process professionally can significantly boost efficiency, effectiveness and success. We here at T.S. Wrobel & Associates can shoulder some of your burden for you and help you understand your rights and responsibilities. We help and educate you on how to start the process.

Thorough Knowledge of the California Probate Process

Probate law is fairly consistent across each state, yet there is still significant variation driven by state regulations and local norms of the probate process. If the deceased resided in California at the time of death, then you must initiate your probate in the probate court of the county of the deceased’s residence.

Whether there is a will or not, probate is the process which a California probate court uses to administer the estate (assets and liabilities of the deceased).

  • If someone dies and leaves a will, the probate process accomplishes three things:
    • Proves the will’s validity, and
    • Confirms an executor or administrator to perform the will’s instructions.
    • In California, the probate court also monitors the executor or administrator’s actions and must approve final distribution of assets.
  • If someone dies without leaving a will, probate is still required, and California’s probate law directs who receives the estate upon completion of  the probate process.

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