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Workshops & Seminars

Some people like to learn first, then act. Others already know what they want and have a DIY philosophy. Many are really busy. And, let’s face it, everyone loves to save money.
For all of these folks, we offer a 2-hour workshop, designed and led by Thomas Wrobel, that makes it easy and affordable to complete your basic estate planning documents in an afternoon or evening. Our goal is to make it so easy to get a will that you’d stop making excuses and mark that big “to-do” item off your list once and for all.

After completing one of our workshops, you’ll have the following official documents:

  • Your personalized Will
  • Advance Health Care Directive to appoint your healthcare agent
  • Power of Attorney for Finances to appoint your financial agent
  • Nomination of Guardian to appoint caregivers for your children

During the workshop, Tom will explain what all of these documents do, how they work, what you need to do to ensure their effectiveness, and when this basic estate plan may need to be updated into a living trust. You’ll leave knowing how to take advantage of the beneficiary designation forms that come with your financial accounts. Finally, you’ll understand what probate is and possible maneuvers to avoid it.

A natural educator, Tom loves leading these workshops. He’s engaging and uses humor to break it all down in easy-to-understand terms. He has a warm and approachable style, inviting as many questions as needed to have every attendee walk away empowered and confident with their new estate plan.

The cost of the workshop for individuals is $399

The cost of the workshop for married couples or CA Registered Domestic Partners is $599.

Browse our list of upcoming workshops to the right, click on the date you want, complete the registration and payment forms, and you’re all set! If no date works for you or your desired date is sold out (10 people maximum), send us an email and we’ll notify you of our next workshops.

When you register, you’ll receive a worksheet that you (and your partner, if applicable) need to fill out. Some answers you may want to think about for a while, so it’s best not to do the worksheet hurriedly just before the workshop. You may also need time to have conversations with people regarding their possible role as caregiver of your children or financial matters. Give yourself plenty of time to think about these things and confirm caretakers of your estate. Once you have, the form itself only takes about 30 minutes to complete.

After you send it back to our office, we’ll review it and contact you if we have any questions.  When you arrive for the workshop at our office, located in the Financial DIstrict at Market and Powell above the Powell BART stop, your personalized documents will already be waiting for you. If you desire private counsel, there will be an opportunity to meet with Tom privately. If you change your mind about anything during the workshop, we can modify and reprint the documents before you leave. It’s important to us that you leave the workshop fully satisfied.