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Estate Planning

We want to make it as painless as possible to talk about what’s hard to think about. Estate planning is about what’s most important to you, preserving the life you love.

We’re quite thorough with estate planning considerations at T.S. Wrobel Law Group. Here are just a few things we might go over:

  • Setting up fiduciaries to pay your mortgage or even run your business in your absence
  • Topics to discuss with the proposed guardian(s) of your children and/or pets
  • What a healthcare discussion sounds like
  • Your healthcare wishes in multiple scenarios and how to communicate them to your partner
  • How to make it easy for your loved ones after you pass
  • Your ideal ceremony after your passing
  • Writing meaningful letters of love and gratitude to those who matter most to you

Putting your wishes first allows the documents to fall easily into place. Furthermore, you can count on us to be a source of sound advice and a dedicated advocate on behalf of your legal rights and interests.