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Is Estate Planning Right For You?

We’re often asked, “Who needs an estate plan?” Regardless of the size of the estate, only a very small percentage of people don’t need an estate plan. It’s a safe bet, especially since you’re visiting this site, that you’re not among that tiny percentage. In any case, get in touch with us and we’ll give you a forthright assessment.

More importantly, why do you need an estate plan? We won’t overwhelm you with cautionary tales. You know that unfortunate things happen and that there are regrettable consequences when someone fails to prepare a plan.

We’d rather focus on the positive things that come from making the relatively small investment to create an estate plan. Peace of mind for one. Nothing beats the sweet relief of knowing that if you’re incapacitated, your kooky Aunt Bertha isn’t going to step in as your medical advocate. Or knowing that your always hungry pooch, Winston, isn’t whimpering next to an empty bowl. Or that someone will know how to pay your bills and protect your credit.

Another reason is legacy. Losing a loved one is hard enough and the last thing you’d ever want is to make the situation worse for those left behind. Probate court, file rummaging, exorbitant taxes—none of it is beneficial in the wake of losing a loved one. That’s why leaving a clear and well-thought-out legacy is not just a good idea, it’s a necessity and a gift.

We proudly serve families of all shapes and sizes.People often believe that only select individuals or certain kinds of family units need to think about creating an estate plan. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

If you have loved ones you want to provide for, concerns about who will make decisions that affect your medical care or even a pet you want to make sure is looked after, having an estate plan can ensure that you retain control over decisions that affect you and the important people in your life.