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Why Should I Hire a Probate Attorney?

A California probate attorney will help smooth your way through inevitable challenges in the probate process. Probate law in California is complicated and can be a burden to understand. For yourself, family and friends, loss of your loved one is emotionally and physically challenging enough. The tremendous additional responsibilities, challenges and stress of legal proceedings and paperwork may be the last thing you want to adopt. Survivors must learn how to and then achieve legal inheritance or transfer of property from the deceased, and T.S. Wrobel Law Group is ready to partner with you in this journey.

We specialize in cost-effective, efficient and highly personalized guidance throughout the probate process. From initial paperwork and filing all the way to final distribution and court closure, we stand side-by-side with you as trusted counsel.

Questions Answered and Challenges Resolved

Clients often ask, “Do I need a probate lawyer?” The answer is an easy, “Yes,” because California probate becomes an even more challenging process if even one of the following problems develops:

  • The executor or administrator is outside California and needs assistance.
  • A will was not established by the decedent, or an existing will is missing.
  • Disputes and contests to the will surface, especially challenges to an executor or administrator’s appointment.
  • The executor or administrator is uncertain how to perform his or her responsibilities.
  • Debts are disputed, or who should be paid and how is not clear.
  • A probate filing is not filed on time or is defective in some other way.
  • Deadlines are unknown or missed for actions and/or filings.
  • Disputes surface affecting asset distribution or transfer of property.

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