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Foreign Wills in California Probate

For those who have moved into California recently, it’s time to review the status of your will and any other estate planning documents. You should ensure that  a will created outside California is valid in California by speaking with a knowledgeable probate attorney. At T.S. Wrobel & Associates, we/I will review your options under the California Probate Code.

Is My Foreign Will Valid in California?

California Probate Code §6113 provides specific criteria for proving the validity of an out-of-state or foreign will. These include that the will was executed in compliance with:

  • California’s prevailing laws.
  • The laws of the state or country where the deceased resided, kept a residence or was a citizen/national.
  • The laws of the state or country where it was executed.

My job as your lawyer includes personal review of  the status of your foreign will and explanation to you of how those criteria apply in your situation. While the California probate process may be complicated, my experience in these matters will assist you and your family navigate the  challenges that can develop. Potential complexities include understanding  an out-of-state administrator or executor’s role and ancillary probate.

Our archived articles provide additional detail and insight into the probate processes involving foreign wills.

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